Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is Clair and Alison at the Duke University Hospital in North Carolina, which is a 7 hour drive away from home. This room has SO MANY people recieving chemo into their arm and a nurse told us that there are about 150 patients each day that recieve this. The chemo wasn't bad, but the long drive works out to be a REALLY long drive! We left for Duke Monday, April 20th at about 2:00 PM, spent the night not far from the hospital and then came home Tuesday night.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Prom time in Ringgold, GA. Evan's date's name is Lauren. They are with his good friend Shawn and his date Mallory. Mallory just lives down the street from us.

It seems that the tradition her in the South or Chattanooga is that the couple's outfits match. There were other couples going to the same prom that were having their pictures as well and it seemed that everyone's outfits coordinated. (There were a lot of guys in white tuxedoes with either a turqoise or variation or pink or variation vest and ties). Yes, Evan's tie and vest are pink - he wanted to get pink shoelaces and we were happy that he didn't.

Overlooking the Tennessee River in the Bluff View Art district.

This is the restaurant where they had dinner in an old Antebellum mansion converted into a restaurant in the Bluff View Art District in Chattanooga, TN called the Back Inn Cafe. There are views of the Tennessee river from the dining areas.

Last weekend we went to the Atlanta Temple and all went together. It was the youth temple trip and the boys did Baptisms for the dead with the other youth from the ward. Clair and I went and did an endowment session while Evan and Nathan did the baptisms. This was Nathan's first visit to a Temple. Afterwards we went and had lunch and did some shopping in the Atlanta area at stores that we don't have in the Chattanooga area.