Sunday, March 15, 2009

On March 8, last Sunday, Nathan turned 12 years old. He was ordained a Deacon on his birthday. Clair ordained him and Evan was able to participate and help ordain him as well.

This past Friday night for his birthday, Nathan had a sleepover and he had invited 6 other boys to spend the night-- to play video games, watch movies and make a lot of noise. It was raining that night so there was no way to kick them out of the house and let them run around outside. After many attempts to get them to calm down we finally had to put our foot down when a big wrestling match started at 5 AM.

Today, March 15, is Evan's 17th birthday. He lives quite the life and he has his own car to drive around in. Mainly, he is supposed to be available to take Alison on any errand that she needs to run or send him to the store. Another blessing of having Evan driving is that Clair doesn't have to get up super early to take him to Seminary - he won't wake himself up and we have to set our alarm and get him out of bed. He also takes for ever in the shower and we are always constantly banging on his bathroom door to get him out of the shower. We think that he goes back to sleep when he is in the shower. He enjoys going to Ringgold High School and is very popular with a lot of friends. It is hard to believe that in 2 years he will be ready to go on a mission.

Today Nathan was able to pass the Sacrament for the first time. Evan was one of the Priests to bless the Sacrament and our Ward has a tradition that the Father of the new Deacon can pass it alongside the new Deacon. So, Clair passed the Sacrament with Nathan. They are both growing up so fast.