Monday, August 31, 2009

Ringgold Middle School Football

This year Nathan is on his school's football team, the Ringgold Middle School Tigers. He plays on both the offense as a Wingback and on the defense as a Linebacker. Nathan's number is #24 (until this year he was always #2 but it was changed this year). It isn't easy to capture football action with just our camera. This game was played against Trion Middle School (Trion, GA - about 35 miles south of us) and they won the game 22-6.

This below is a picture of him hunched over--that means they are waiting, ready to make their move!

At this game, Nathan played mostly defense, but he was out playing his Linebacker position the whole game. He is also ONE FAST RUNNER! Maybe some day he will make some $$ with his skills in this area!

This is a picture of Nathan on the ground after he made a tackle.

Weekend in Knoxville, Tennessee

Over the weekend, starting Friday Aug. 28, I went to Knoxville to spend the weekend with Stefanie. I got there Thursday night so that I could go with her Friday to spend the afternoon with her and her class of 2-year olds. This age is such a handful with all of these kids (12-14 in her class)! However, I was so impressed with Stefanie and the great job she did working with them. This is a job I could not take on, but she does an incredible job with these kids! I am again so impressed with Stefanie!
On Saturday Stefanie had a birthday party for Sophie at a "water park" with a whole bunch of kids. (I have no pictures of this, but it was quite an event!) She had a cake for Sophie that was Cinderella. We all had fun, and fortunately we had a plastic cover above us so we could keep up our fun through LOTS of rain. Everyone brought gifts for the birthday girl!
While at church we went outside for some snapshots of the Pohlsanders. Aren't they a good looking family

Great pictures of Jordan and Sophie!

I had a great time with Stefanie and a weekend in Knoxville, Tennessee! I just love it when we can get together!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I haven't blogged in a really long time--SORRY! Right now my obsession is with my flower garden. It gets so HOT and humid here in the south, so it is sure to my advantage to get out and take care of my flowers in the morning.

Flowers beside and behind our house get so much sun all day and so there are certain flowers that are planted out back (above), while others planted in the front of our house are in the shade most all of the day. (below)

I am so loving the Black Eyed Susans. They are my favorite and need lots of sun, so they are in the back and on the side of our house. They are perennials and will increase when they come back next year. I mix my annuals in with my perennials so that my garden will be different next year with some flowers the same and some different.

Like these perennials sitting next to annuals in the sun out back.

Next to these are some daisies that are not looking as attractive right now.