Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hello friends and family. These are videos of Nathan wrestling for his middle school the Ringgold Middle School Tigers. (Nathan is in the blue headgear).

Against Bagley Middle School

Against Dalton Middle School

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Now that Nathan's football is behind him, he has taken up being a member of Ringgold's wrestling team. Two football coaches, also a wrestling coaches, requested that he join so that he can work on his skills for next year. Nathan is on the varsity team and he is standing with his friend who is in our ward and is also on the varsity team (the picture). I have NO clue about wrestling, but Nathan is really excited about it and he does a great job at this sport. For Nathan to be on the varsity team, he had to weigh in at an exact weight early this morning. For this he had to starve himself yesterday, ran around and around the neighborhood last night, reached what he wanted this morning on the scale, then was able to eat again. (I'm just so amused with this!) Tonight at his first event he did a great, victorious job with wrestling. Watching them wrestle, I became so into it that MY shoulder muscles now are so painful---as though I was right down in there wrestling with them.