Saturday, September 11, 2010

HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN! (Remember that song and show? Remember Richie Cunningham?) These are my happy days because David and Hudson are going to be on their flight to Tennessee/Georgia today. They will spend a couple days with Stefanie and her family in Tennessee. Then David and Hudson will head down south to spend time with me and my family. Clair is taking time off Monday to show them around Georgia. On Tuesday, David, Hudson and I will go down to Kennesaw so Evan can show us his new life at Kennesaw State University. I'm looking forward to this--good times will be had by ALL!!
I have to tell you that Clair's BIGGEST part of us moving is him taking pictures from every angle of our new house and posting them here for the world to see. Finally, at long last we are getting a home that we have waited for for way too long. The catch is that it has been on the most part MY job to pack our everything into boxes and containers so we can get OUT of our present home. The good side is that I get to go through and trash all of the items we haven't thought about or used for a year or two. We have a GOLD MINE of those items!! And nothing feels as good as this!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our New Home!

Finally, at long last, we get to have our first home, ours for the making. Clair and I have made the decisions on what we want, where, and what color. So then they start building.

...and building

...and building.

We go visit our new home every couple of days so we can see where they are at.

Our house is getting there. They have a lot of guys working on it every day--I mean like 8-10 guys at a time!!

This will be the view from our dining room. We are at the top of the hill.
This has been a long time coming--it is exciting but also scary.
I will catch you later on this!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have no picture (again), but I want to write about our adventure to Duke University Hospital in No. Carolina last Sunday, March 28th. First of all, we almost didn't go to church, but I'm so glad we did because everything about the classes and speakers were perfect! Best yet, my dear friend who had to move came to our last meeting-->Sacrament Meeting. After a great 3 hours in church, Clair and I had to take off on our long 7 hour drive to Duke. It turned out to be a drive through a terrible wind and rain storm. There was lightning with whirlwinds and tornados parallel and behind us. SCARY! We listened to radio news during our drive and TV news in Durham. Driving home we saw the results of places we passed the night before. Where we saw lots of lights from security cars before on our left side, houses were totally torn apart. On our right there were trees pulled out of the ground and lakes of water. I feel we were blessed with safety for attending our full day of church earlier Sunday!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Here in Ringgold, GA we have had lots of rain and wind, but now we are on to some nice Spring weather. At this time of year, after it has been raining, is the perfect time to dig into our clay soil outside to pull weeds and plant gardens. I had been pulling weeds and checking out my serviving perennials and then the Young Women's leader called me. She asked if I could be their "Service Project". I felt embarassed at first, but I sure appreciate them. They brought me and planted a bunch of yellow and purple Pansies and I love them. Yesterday I bought more flowers for planting by these Pansies (shade) and out back where there is LOTS of sun. My Pansies look perfect and I will include a picture next time.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sorry, it has sure been a while! Evan and Nathan were back to school yesterday, but now they're home again today and tomorrow because of some little snow flurries. I think that people here just don't know the life of 4 season Utah or New York. This is just more time for my boys to play their new game (Modern Warfare 2) or hang out with friends.