Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have no picture (again), but I want to write about our adventure to Duke University Hospital in No. Carolina last Sunday, March 28th. First of all, we almost didn't go to church, but I'm so glad we did because everything about the classes and speakers were perfect! Best yet, my dear friend who had to move came to our last meeting-->Sacrament Meeting. After a great 3 hours in church, Clair and I had to take off on our long 7 hour drive to Duke. It turned out to be a drive through a terrible wind and rain storm. There was lightning with whirlwinds and tornados parallel and behind us. SCARY! We listened to radio news during our drive and TV news in Durham. Driving home we saw the results of places we passed the night before. Where we saw lots of lights from security cars before on our left side, houses were totally torn apart. On our right there were trees pulled out of the ground and lakes of water. I feel we were blessed with safety for attending our full day of church earlier Sunday!

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  1. Alison -- that must have been terrifying!! I have pictures of Twister running through my mind (but only a few because I never actually saw the whole movie).

    So grateful that you are OK!!!!